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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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I know they aren't going to want to repeat past specials, but I think having another "Five Doctors" would be brilliant, give us Seven up till the Present Doctor all working together, I'd also love each Doctor to have his companion along: Seven with Ace, Eight with Grace, Nine and Rose, Ten with Martha (or Donna), and Eleven with Clara (or whatever her name ends up being).

That would be my ideal lineup, at least.
I think that would be overkill myself, and too much like the crazy and overcrowded Journey's End.

I'd rather just team up Smith with Tennant and maybe one classic Doctor like McCoy (who frankly doesn't look all that different than he did in the '96 movie), and watch those three interact and go on a fun little adventure together.

Leave all the hundreds of companions out of it.
I loved Journeys end. One of Tennants best. I don't understand how anyone can dislike journeys end, but like amys choice.
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I'm just gonna say this...of all of them, it's McGann I want to see again the most. He only had the one shot on screen, and, of them all, he should have the opportunity to be seen as the Doctor onscreen again on the BBC in the actual proper BBC Doctor Who, not just the collaborative TV movie. Let him get his proper chance to shine again. There's really not a Doctor I complete dislike. Some I like more than others, obviously - that's true of most if not all of us..but there is one actor for whom I feel kinda sorry, and it's him. I hope that gets remedied.
Yeah, out of all of them, I'd choose McGann to return seeing he had less than one episode on the air, and he's one of my favourates.
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also, i'd love to see Tennant return... but not as The Doctor...

Nah... I want to see Tennant return as the meta-crisis Doctor... coming back from the parallel world after Rose's death to reclaim his regenerations and his life, back from The Doctor...

Now calling himself The Valeyard after Rose's death, The Doctor must battle him for their remaining regenerations, as The Valeyard is the one person now who could undo everything The Doctor has done... the one person The Doctor can't lie to, and the one person who knows all of The Doctor's secrets...

To me, that would be an amazing arc... seeing Tennant come back as the villain would cause so many fangirl heads to explode it would be amazing... and would be a fantastic tie-in to the classic episodes to actually give an explanation for the Valeyard's 'birth'.

As much as I'd like to see Tennant return as the doctor, I also LOVE that idea! Plus it would explain alot. I'd love to see the Valeyards birth. I'd love to see Tennant regenerate into Smith then someone who looks like the valeyard from the trial of a timelord. It would explain alot, plus out of all the clasic series villians I'd like to see return, the valeyard's at the top of my list. And it would be a very different story from any others.
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