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Re: DS9's growing popularity

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So while yes, tv is dominated by reality tv and procedurals, there have been way more successful serialized shows in the last decade than there were in say the 80's and 90's, and DS9 (along with B5) help set the path. I would say that DS9 set the path even more (and I am a fan of both) only because JMS basically wrote all of B5 by himself (and hasn't done much tv since) whereas most of the writing staff of DS9 has been very influential: Ira Behr produced the 4400 and is currently working on Alphas. Ron Moore did Battlestar Galactica. A lot of the other writers are on successful shows as well.

So for the few people that know what DS9 is, there is a newfound appreciation for its character and plot development arc over several seasons. I wish it were enough to make a movie for the show but alas that will never happen. Hopefully, it will be enough to allow for a blu-ray remastering.

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I dont really agree that ds9 is getting more popular - it may do if and when the blu-rays have been released but not at the moment. Even in the uk, it is just not shown anywere.

What i do want to comment on is that i feel DS9 is BSG older brother. Ron Moore and the others did something with ds9 which was different then we have ever seen before . It was rough, at times it was brutal and some episodes were not at all nice to watch ( the siege of ar558 comes to mind ) but without ds9 and maybe firefly, i dont think Battlestar would have been half as good as it was.
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