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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots! (Part 2)

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Updated crew of the Scimitar... From left to right...

Commander Bishop - Unjoined Trill, Engineering
Commander Surpek - Klingon, Security
Commander Kara - Orion, Tactical
Commander Zakuh - Half Klingon, Tactical
Admiral Alexander - Joined Trill, Science
Commander Sara - Ex Borg, First Officer
Ensign Jotli - Human, Science
Commander Caitlin, Caitian Chief Medical Officer
Commander T'Jen, Vulcan Councillor

And the USS Scimitar itself...

On it's 5 year mission, to find and understand The Borg, research their systems and science, recover what they can, and then kick the Borg's cybernetic teeth down their throat...

How did you put the crew together like that?

Also how can you made the screencaps without HUD? I am on a MAC so I cannot use screenprint button. For me its something like CMD+SHIFT+3 with HUD.
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