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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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A science fiction show on FOX? Why should we even bother?
Because it's been a decade since Firefly ended and it's time to get over it. The FOX regime responsible for that show's sacking is long gone, and the current regime has more than proven to any fair and honest observer that they're willing to give genre shows every possible chance to succeed. They gave Dollhouse two complete seasons despite terrible ratings, when the previous execs would've cancelled it halfway through its first season. They've allowed Fringe to stay on for five seasons and bring its story to a satisfactory conclusion, again, despite low ratings that would've gotten it killed long ago on the old FOX or on just about any other network.

So it makes no sense to continue clinging to this outdated myth that FOX is somehow hostile to genre shows. That myth has always been unfair; the only reason FOX has cancelled so many genre shows is because it's bought so many more genre shows than any other network, and most shows get cancelled quickly, period, on any network -- especially genre shows, which are usually more expensive to make and less likely to get strong ratings than non-genre shows. Look at the history of SF and fantasy shows on every television network and you'll see that their life expectancy on FOX was never any worse than it was anywhere else. And it's complete and utter nonsense to continue buying into the myth today, when FOX is clearly as dedicated to supporting genre shows as any network in television history has ever been.

So seriously. Get the hell over Firefly already and let that kneejerk "FOX kills sci-fi" meme die its long-overdue death. In the context of current events, it's not only unfair, it's wrong to the point of being delusional.
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