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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Music was recorded for that episode and yes, we have it. Some of the music was recorded on set though and that we don't have. You'll have to get your clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy elsewhere.
I'm not sure how to read this. Does that mean Adam's songs won't be part of the release? What exactly was recorded "on set"? I'm confused.
I have that old bootleg Star Trek Bloopers album made from discarded audio reels from the third season (I bought it before I knew it was bootleg or understood the concept, honest), and that includes audio of the songs from "The Way to Eden," which was informative about the process. Normally for songs in TV shows (this being no exception), the performers initially do them in a recording studio for optimal sound quality; then when they actually perform the song for the camera, the pre-recorded audio is played back on set and the performers sing along for lip sync. So on the bootleg album you can hear the recording that was actually done on the set, with the live performers singing along with the pre-recorded audio, so you hear their voices doubled over. Then, of course, in the final episode, only the prerecorded, best-quality audio track from the recording studio is used, dubbed over the visuals filmed on the set. (This is why you often see subtle lip-sync errors even when it's definitely the voice of the person you see singing.)

Presumably what's on this album will be the songs as recorded in the sound studio. What isn't on the album would be the little bits that weren't prerecorded, like Adam's "clean bill of health" ad-lib. If they were recorded on set, they'd basically count as part of the dialogue rather than the soundtrack.

Indysolo, can you tell us the music and lyric credits for the "Way to Eden" songs? I've been wondering that for ages.
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