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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x06 A remedy to cure all ills.

The plan should be, when some new bastard arrives in Camelot: "Kill them".

It's just gross negligence to wait for these people to prove that they're evil and only there to eat you. Just pour hot water on them from the battlements when they're knocking on the port cullis to get in.

So this whacky burnt Monk shows up and cures Mogana's encephalitus, which he most likely caused in the first place and then launches a smear campaign against Giaus. This monk it seems was taught seduction by Palpatine. He's really laying it on thick for Merlin to rule the universe by his side.

The Monk usually plays a pretty boy (Green Wing, Black Books.) so being a evil deush was a pleasant change of pace.

And the Dragon down below is such a &&&&ing Yoko that he convinces Gaius to let it play out becuse the kids need uthur to die before their destiony can start to rock out with it's cock out.

It's just a parade of morons this week.

Though the Collin and Bradley show is fantastic how they teae and flirt and just roll with each others punches verabally, add a bit of slap stick and you wonder if there's anything these two can't do?

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