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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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I mostly agree regarding live-action, but I figure that generations of SUPER FRIENDS and JUSTICE LEAGUE cartoons have probably helped keep her in the public consciousness to some degree, especially since a lot of the people who watched those shows as kids are old enough to buy tickets (or choose the TV channel) now.
Not to mention her own animated film that came out few years ago( that was actually a good movie).
I actually like the Lynda Carter WW series
Its true that the plots are campy and even silly, but I think Carter did very good job in the role.
Plus she looked great doing it, too

I am all for Wonder Woman series and this "young WW" concept sounds interesting( though there is also Wonder Girl they could have used). I just hope they not make the same dreadful mistakes that were made in the recent TV-pilot, that never aired.
This needs to be a well written and cast show, otherwise it will be shot down before it even starts.
Hollywood producers haven't got a clue. Wonder Woman is not just the way she looks, her history is important too, if you change it too much, you get a different character.

Hollywood producers often get too creative in reinventing old characters and not creative enough in writing stories for them.
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