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Re: Star Trek 2 Has A New Title?

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It could be much worse, after all, Christopher Nolan simply added "Rises" onto the previous title for the third entry in the Batman series.
I read that Warner told Nolan to either make it 3D or keep Dark Knight in the title (since the last one made $$$$), but who knows if that's true.
Since that sounds completely ridiculous, it's probably true. Typical Hollywood corporate logic, executive meddling and profit ahead of creativity.
To be fair, isn't there a Batman comic called The Dark Knight Returns or something like that? It's not like it doesn't have precedent.

As for the Trek title, it does feel a bit clunky without the colon and a bit ridiculous. It's as if they're trying to take all the marketing talk about the movie being darker and stick it into the title.
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