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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

(thank you.)

1x05. Lancelot.

10 times more dreamy than a 50 year old Richard Geer, the hunk of the show swaddles into camelot and the girls go "ooooooooooo". Well actually they're still trying to set Arthur up with his sister. Now although he's pretty, and he can fight, Lancelot isn't that bright... How can he be unaware that only noble birthed lads can be knights when he's all Arnold Rimmer, up the ziggeral lickity split?

Reminds me of Jethro Bodine wanting to be a double nought spy with only a 6th grade education to back him up.

At the time we thought, in the final season, Lancelot and Gwen are going to cuckold Arthur something fierce and it's going to be hilarious. but it all happened early last year and it was weak. Gwen wasn't in love, she was enchanted. A bloke with shoulders like that doesn't need help with the ladies!

Good lord that Griffen is beautiful. So beautiful.

What a pity we didn't see it eating the peasants.

That would have been funny.

Merlin is an idiot constantly railing against the status quo, then wondering why his comeuppance hurts so much. but then that's a literary tool right? I saw a snakes and ladders set with shot glasses the other day.


How on Earth can they spend o much time building this guy off and then he just moseys off into the sun set like John Wayne not to be seen for a year at least.

5 out of 10
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