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Re: Episode a Week: Lonely Among Us

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Our heroes spend a lot of time talking about how superior they are to the aliens and 20th-century humans, when all theyíre really demonstrating is a complete failure to appreciate the challenges faced by these supposedly inferior beings.
Well, they are superior to 20th and 21st century humans, since I don't recall too many fucking each other over in the name of profit and percentages.
There is little motive to fuck others over in the name of profit and percentages when all material needs and desires can easily be satisfied with a word to the replicator. Itís not moral superiority, itís just good fortune.

Not really, I don't go around screwing people over, even it if made me a millionare. Dunno why some folks find such a concept of humanity actually being better such a bad of those things I quite like about Trek, especially TNG. If you wanna see folks screw over other folks for profit, go watch all the Aliens films.
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