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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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I don't understand why so many decided to try and to get the replacements from the various retailers they bought it from rather than going directly to Paramount/CBS's replacement program.
Probably as for one there doesn't actually seem to be a replacement programme in the UK. Those who bought from a couple of retailers are getting them replaced automatically by them but otherwise Sony DADC/Paramount are telling people to just return them to their retailers when they ask about the replacement programme.

I've seen a few e-mails from them elsewhere which included "Sony DADC UK simply the distributor of the goods, not the manufacturer or retailer; therefore are not required to replace any stock direct to the end user." This is rather at odds to the initial e-mail that they would all be replaced free of charge.

Not very impressive at all and I'm not too impressed with this "replacement" programme! I've ended up sending my set back to my retailer who denied there was a problem when I first contacted them for a replacement. They also aren't even contacting customers to tell them they bought a recalled product.
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