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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

For some good matches, watch woman wrestler Lu Fisto, called "Queen of Hardcore", seen her fight in barb wire fights, first bloods, cages....and she fights guys as well chicks, and I don't mean little whimpy guys that even Michael Jackson could beat up, I'm talking 250 pound + big guys. Plus a few years back, Quebec, if I remember right, banned fights of men fighting women, but she was able to get that over turned. She does a great job, the fans love her and no way in hell will McMann hire her since she's not an airhead with double D's flopping about, though it would be awesome to see Lu scrape the ring floor with some of those annoying Divas just once. Part 2 should not be difficult to locate there. Plus I think she's a cutie.
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