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Re: I thought Valiant was a very good episode

I always wondered why Nog didn't take command, but then again, looking at how the crew would react--he and Nog would have been given the death penalty in the first 20 minutes of the episode.

The writing didn't do anything to make these characters sympathetic. They seemed really, really arrogant, especially that adorable first officer and her glaring.

They could have brought back the data and become legendary heroes so they could become even more arrogant, but they chose to threw it all away.

How was it that they got that Vulcan to agree with all that?

I thought 24th century humans, especially Starfleet officers-- were supposed to be much more evolved than that?

They could have played the Looney Toons theme in the background while they were getting blown away, and it still would have evoked no emotion.

I actually did feel something when I first watched it, but all in all, the main reaction you get is, "they brought on themselves".
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