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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adam, the grooviest man to ever pluck an oddly-shaped stringed instrument. He wasn't no Herbert!
B is for Bones, the grooviest man to ever rock Studio 54. He wasn't no Tony Manero.
C is for Culluh, the grooviest Maje to ever rock a mud-pie up-do.
D is for Damar, a Legate who switched to the good guys at just the right time to help make a difference.
E is for Edith Keeler. The hot 1930's chick that almost screwed up history.
F is for France. The Picard family comes from the city of Labarre.
G is for Gul "mutton chops" Macet. Ha! Dukat only wishes!
H is for Hasperat. Ro Laren liked it hot. Really, really hot.
I is for Ishka, totally groovy Mom.
J is for the Jarada, an insectoid race that Picard once labored to learn the language of to avoid a diplomatic incident.
K is for Khitomer: the grooviest place in the galaxy until the Rommies blowed it up. And they say Vulcans have no sense of fun.
L is for Leonard James Akaar. Whatever happened to him?
M is for Martia. One double-crossing, shape-shifting beeyotch.
N is for Nimoy. The original and the best Spock.
O is for Orion slave girls. The more the merrier. Or something like that.
P is for Pardek, the most backstabbing Senator on all of Romulus.
Q is for Quinn, the most awesome admiral ever to throw a blind junior officer through a door.
R is for Reliant, an ill-fated starship left limping with only one nacelle at the very end.
S is for Sevrin, groovy but quite insane.
T is for Tomalak. He had a big pair of "G'Kar."
U is for Ullians. Their telepathic powers could prove unsettling and even dangerous.
V is for Valeris. Traitor to the Federation.
W is for World War. Earth had three. Unless you count the Eugenics Wars, but let's avoid starting a migraine.
X is for Xylophone thingy. The guy was playing one in Ten Forward while Riker was scheming up a menage a trois.
Y is for "Yankee Traders". A very early and incorrect description of the Ferengi.
Z is for Zarabeth, the enemy of the tyrant Zor Kahn. Just don't ask where she got the makeup and hair styling supplies being trapped 5,000 years in an ice age past.
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