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Re: I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x02 Valiant.

Jeebus, how on Earth's am I supposed to take Gary from two pints of lager packets of crisps seriously as a villain and a Knight... Although he pulls it off, but he's mostly just scowling and killing, although you do tend to believe that the north was much larger int he past.

Micky mouse in fantasia doesn't have a smote on Merlin.


Merlin appreciating Arthur as more than a Dick, as the contest of champions goes by is swift. but the underlying contempt is still there which isn't going to vanish any time soon so loong as merlin is mucking out his slops.

The threat this week is not a shield with snakes that come to life. the threat this week that same as everu other week hence is that Merlin learns is that he word is wirth dirt and he has to shut up and work in secret if he doesn't want to live in the dungeon.

The second trope they set up is that merlin does all the work and Arthur reaps the gllory.

Nice moment of indesicion as well when merlin tries to tel the truth and uthur just p[iles on him.

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