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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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Methos, all my proclamations about the internet and government vs corporate censorship applies to USA laws.
I do not know anything about the legal system in the UK, China, Israel, Iraq or even Canada. I'm sure all of those different territories have drastically different laws, methods of enforcing laws, laws of rights and of communication rights.
Because I am only American, I am only familiar with the corporate and government structure in my country.
I thought it would be obvious from the post between me and Alidar Jarok, that we were referring only to American politics and rights. After all, there is no first amendment right (of free speech) in the UK, nor is there an FCC, Homeland Security, Tea Party, and GOP.
I'm not even sure if there is a congress in the UK. You people got something called Parliament. I know nothing about the corporate or political atmosphere over there.
I've heard about something called Cleanfeed when the Australian government dictated the kangaroo internet over there and decided to block websites that might offend people, and the bill passed under the guise of protecting children.

All the citations I ask for from Alidar Jarok, are citations of occurrences in the USA. After all, I'm sure ISP's can block rivals and anything else in nations like Iraq and China. I have no doubt to these things.
So when I talk about legal rights on the internet, I mean your legal right as an American citizen; not all of the various laws that exist for ISP's, businesses, advertisers, consumers, servers, hosts, for all the countries of the world with a telecommunications infrastructure.
Well whilst it is true the UK doesn't have a written constitution, Freedom of Speech falls under several areas

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
The Euopean Convention of Human Rights

Sure some of them include provisions that restrict it, such as you are not allowed to incitement to racial hatred.

As for Parliament, it serves more or less the same function as your congress. It debates bills and votes on them becoming law. Now I'm not saying there aren't differences between the two because of course there will be.
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