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I'm rewatching Merlin.

1x01 the call of dragon.

They all look so young, but more so the castle looks very clean. it must be for the next 5 years that no one cleans the bastard up. they're haming it up with the incidental music a little. I'm not sure if they haven't got the hang of the acoustics, filming in a castle or if... IT'S GWEN FROM TORCHWOOD! Oh she must have been the old hag all along too... i never understood why the dragon got top billing, is it just becuase he was in Alien?

Arthur and Merlin meet. Not so much the bromance at first light. Although some nice stunts with that servant boy running about with a dart bord... is gwen a friend of a girlfriend? No wonder uthur was such a miserable prick if some witch offed his girlfriend in the pilot.

Poor collin being pelted with rotting vegetables. You'd have to wonder if that took 80 takes or more that... Good lord Gweniverre is funny. they totally forgot to right her as funny in the year to come.

Merlin and Arthur fight again. Why are they fighting? Surely theyshould be able to sort out all their problems with a kiss and a cuddle. but this battle in the market place is just a fantastic use of slap stick, and then he takes his shirt off and asks they old guy to rub essential oils into his bruises (yes, seriusly!)

Good lord!

A mysterial voice is calling for him telepathically and he just follows iit.

how amazing that some one so niave hasn't yet been eaten.
(Merlin talking about Arthur) "i don't see what this has to do with me, if anyone wants to kill him, I'll help them!"

"No, no there must be another Arthur, becuase this one's an idiot."

i was put out by the romantic pairings the last time around.

They were wrong.

Arthur after Morgana, and melrin Chasing Gwen.

But then if there weren't hurdles everywhere the complete story would have been told in 4 episodes.

Is that really Eve Myles singing?


And after the webs clear form the final battle, so hilarious 'You shall become my sons manservant"


But he pardigm is set up and it's been rally fun.

8 out of 10.
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