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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The problem is the interactions between Ghemor and Kira, they seem to really know each other when they have only met face to face almost three years ago for a short period of time. They just seem to be too familiar and it doesn't gel with me, and it smacks of laziness on the writers part not explaining this away.
I've read similar comments on this episode from time to time. It never really struck me that way, but I guess you do have to accept the bond between Kira and Ghemor for this story to work. It's always worked for me because I felt it was strong enough in Second Skin to be believable here as well, or for this to be believable as an extension of that.

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My one problem with it is that Kira explains her emotional journey at the end of the episode, which felt unnecessary, but Nana Visitor gave it her all and just about manages to sell the scene regardless.
To me the issue in that scene is more Bashir's side of the dialogue, rather than Kira's. At least that's how it struck me in the past. There are lines where Bashir spells things out unnecessarily. But... not enough of a problem to really matter imo.

Love the final scene on Bajor especially.
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