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Re: Voyager: An Alternate Journey 02: Voyager Tales

Part 6

Twenty minutes later the agents exited Cargo bay 1, having not found any ‘oddities’ on the deck. “That narrows it down to the six other decks,” Benyg said.

“It may be on the next deck,” Tetter responded.

“A 12.5% chance,” Tuvok said.

Janeway looked at her chief of security. “I hope it’s more of a chance than that,” she said.

“Indeed,” Tuvok replied.

“Let’s go,” Benyg said as she lead the way to the turbolift.

They emerged onto Deck 5 less than a minute later. “And what’s on this deck?” Tetter asked.

“Sickbay, crew quarters, sensor suites, various labs and a couple of lounges,” Janeway replied.

Benyg thought for a moment. “We’ll look at the sickbay first.”

The Doctor was examining equipment when Janeway and Tuvok entered Sickbay followed by two strangers. “Captain?” he asked.

“They insisted on looking for some ‘oddities’ aboard this ship,” Janeway explained.
“We’ll scan the sickbay if you don’t mind,” the female of the duo said.

“I do mind!” the Doctor said.

“This won’t take a moment, Doctor,” Janeway said patiently.

He stood and walked over to the Captain. “Why are you allowing this?”

“They have said that the ‘oddities’ have various ‘effects’ on sentients,” Janeway said.

“Captain!” the female stranger said.

“He’s my Chief Medical Officer. I think he needs to know.”

The Doctor then noticed that the other stranger had picked up… “That’s my mobile emitter!” he said, his voice showing outrage.

The female held a scanner to the mobile emitter. “It’s not an oddity. It’s incongruently advanced, but it’s not an oddity.”

“Wait a minute, he said mobile emitter?” the male stranger pointed out.

“You’re a hologram?” the other stranger asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor admitted.

“That’s unusual,” the male stranger expressed.

“Our circumstances are unusual,” Janeway explained.

The two strangers looked at each other. “Captain, there is something else you may wish to know,” the female said.

“Which is?” Janeway asked.

“That these ‘oddities’ become what they are because of unusual circumstances.”


The male finished scanning. “There are no ‘oddities’ in sickbay...” the male started.

Merika Benyg saw her partner’s hesitation. “What?” she looked at her tricorder.

“What?” Janeway asked, clearly wondering what Tetter had picked up.

“Indications of high levels of telepathic activities, overlaid with components of Borg nanoprobes...” Tetter said.

“We did detect the Borg technology on Deck 8,” Benyg said.
“True,” Tetter said.

Merika turned to the Captain. “High levels telepathic activity also produce ‘oddities’, although that’s not as much a prerequisite as unusual circumstances.”

“Also noted,” the Captain said, sounding slightly annoyed, at what Tetter had discovered.

“The Doctor will join us on our search for these ‘oddities’,” Captain Janeway said.

“OK,” Agent Benyg agreed.
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