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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

I have to say, I'm almost as excited about Jeff Bond's hundred-page booklet, as I am about the music itself.

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We played "Far Out Jam" at the panel where we announced this.

I notice you didn't precisely answer the question. Are Adam's songs from Way To Eden going to be in the set? I know it was emphasized, "every piece of music", but it's not crystal clear that Adam's songs fit into the category.

Are you allowed to answer content questions? "Musicology" -type questions? Or is that all reserved to Bond's booklet?

The reason I ask is, I've read that no "original" music was written specifically for Way To Eden, except that Charles Napier wrote or co-wrote Adam's songs. But I've always had two nagging questions about that.
  1. The jam, of course. Bond writes in his book that the jam was recycled from the lounge scene in Charlie X. Is that true? The tune is definitely not in any version of Charlie X that I've seen. If there was written-but-unused music from Charlie X, then that would explain it. Is that the case? Was the jam written for Way To Eden, or Charlie X? Or did it come from somewhere else?
  2. There is a cue in Way To Eden played at the death of Adam, and also at the death of Dr Sevrin, that I've never heard in any other episode. It's a very gentle, almost bell-like cue (maybe glockenspiel?? with maybe some harp thrown in?). You can hear it at 45:27 and 47:21 on the episode at Very pretty, and very brief. The cue echoes the tune of Adam's song "Headin' Out To Eden" (eg at 38:00 on
Jeff Bond's book says that no new scoring was done for this episode. But that cue uses the same tune as Adam's song! Either Napier sang the song, and then a composer wrote the cue to ironically echo it – which is a beautiful and tragic effect, absolutely brilliant by whoever did it – or else the cue existed previous to the episode, and Napier worked with some arranger to create songs that fit the tune of the cue. And that's interesting too.

What's the deal with the music in Way To Eden? And, will all of it be in the set? (Including the pretty little "death cue" for Adam And Sevrin?) And, will Bond's booklet cover all that stuff for this episode?


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