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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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One of the things I like about Season 2 is that it's a nice mixture: we were getting new ideas and new Trek adventures yet it still had something of a TOS resonance to it. Plus it was generally a lot more polished than S1.
...And as much as I love TOS, TNG shouldn't be TOS, and this season moves further away from TOS (especially the look), heck just in the costume department the break is huge.
I didn't say it was like TOS I said it resonated with it and nothing wrong with that. And as the franchise lost that resonance over time they also lost me as a viewer.

For me the early TNG seasons (1-4) were like that off-and-on, but then I didn't care anymore. There'd be the occasional decent DS9 episode and the rest was disposable. After that for me it ceased being Star Trek anymore, particularly VOY, ENT and ST09.
I was actually responding about the Stronger production elements of TNG over its second year, better realized characters, actors who have a far better idea of who those characters are thus stronger performances, better set dressing, an fx team that was vastly better suited for new fx, better week to week art design.

I mention the costume department due to the change from Theiss who's style was still very much similar TOS, too close for me.

And it's funny my whole family watched Trek from the original broadcast days of TOS, and the majority of my family found ENT to be the closest in spirit (generally I agree, though that doesn't mean I think the series is great, though I seem to like its first two seasons better then TNG first two seasons).

For myself, there are three episodes in the 2nd season that are good enough that I would actually recommend them to others (generally what i would call an A- or better episode) to view (which is an improvement to season one) and has about six other episodes I like, but have enough issues that make me keep them in the above average to to fair category.
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