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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

The MU ships have been cheap as dirt because they're so common. They'll probably go up in price a little after the boxes go out, but I can't imagine by much.

So, I've ground out enough Zen for a new ship for my Tactical captain, and have been trying to decide which one. My fleet patrol escort will probably continue to be my main vessel because of it's superior stats and the extra console slot, but I want to give myself a few different offense-minded play styles as time goes on. MVAE, Heavy Escort Carrier or Assault Cruiser Refit.

I have the run-of-the-mill assault cruiser but could NOT make it work. I think I'd do better with it now just because I've gotten the hang of the Negh'Var on the KDF side, and that wide angle torp launcher looks nice. And of course, it's a cruiser rather than another escort. MVAE would let me play with some science skills that haven't been in my repertoire yet and also experience the separated version. HEC looks like a similar (identical?) BOff layout to the patrol escort that I'm very comfortable in, but gives the hangar in addition.

I'm finding it surprisingly hard to make a decision. Of course, I could also get myself a new KDF ship, like the Guramba, but I think I want to stick with cruisers on that toon.
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