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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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Even if the CGI was good enough (which, judging by Tron Legacy, it isn't yet), I think it would be kind of missing the point.

The fun of the idea is getting to see the actual, original actors together in the same room.

It's science fiction... science fantasy... whatever label you want, there is a creative solution as to why the "Doctor" has aged even though he "regenerated." I thought it was brilliant hand waving in Time Crash.

It doesn't matter that they've aged--of COURSE they've aged, they are REAL people. I want to see them performing together.

I just don't get the overwhelming need for veracity in a show like this. It's about a guy who travels in a box through space and time. Some things you just accept.

And why not accept a slightly older 6th Doctor?

BUT--I do wonder if that's the direction they are going to go. Do you make a love letter to the fans of the series as a WHOLE, or make it more about the show as it is now?
This is essentially how I feel, which is why I'm against recasting the former Doctors. Yes, Hurndall did better than I expected in The Five Doctors, but I think it better they not bother recasting the first three Doctors and only stick with the actual actors for the rest.

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also, i'd love to see Tennant return... but not as The Doctor...

Nah... I want to see Tennant return as the meta-crisis Doctor... coming back from the parallel world after Rose's death to reclaim his regenerations and his life, back from The Doctor...

Now calling himself The Valeyard after Rose's death, The Doctor must battle him for their remaining regenerations, as The Valeyard is the one person now who could undo everything The Doctor has done... the one person The Doctor can't lie to, and the one person who knows all of The Doctor's secrets...

To me, that would be an amazing arc... seeing Tennant come back as the villain would cause so many fangirl heads to explode it would be amazing... and would be a fantastic tie-in to the classic episodes to actually give an explanation for the Valeyard's 'birth'.

IDW already used the idea of meta-crisis Doctor becoming the Valeyard. Well, sort of. For further info, see The Forgotten.
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