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Re: What's the difference between a trekkie and a trekker?

RandyS wrote: View Post
The main difference is some over-senstive fans way back when got tired of being looked down upon by tactless morons with nothing better to do than make fun of sci-fi fans, so they came up with a name that sounded "less insulting".
My brother tortured me with the term Trekkie as an insult. When TNG came along, many people felt like me and coined the term Trekker. I quickly adopted the new moniker.

R. Star wrote: View Post
As far as I can tell the only tangible difference is in the last two letters. The rest is just in people's heads.
QFT!! I was called a Trekkie for years as an insult. Then I owned Trekker. Now I really don't care, because I am old enough that none of it bothers me.
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