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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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There are no obscenity laws governing the internet. Many politicians and protest groups have tried, only one of those bills were ever passed, called CIPA (Children's Internet Protection Act). This applies to schools and libraries only, and is not "enforced" but "encouraged" through a funding project called E-rate funding. Here is the official FCC government link

If there is some other obscenity law that has gotten passed, I would appreciate a link.
I'm not meaning to be disrespectful here, but that's both hilarious and so wrong it's pathetic...

Again, let me point to England... Here we have both the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, and the Obscene Publications Act 1959...

Both of which are used, and abused by the government and police, to blanket censorship on the internet and email systems...

here's CJIA 2008 - LINK

here's OPA 1959 - LINK

Now, the legal jargon there pretty much speaks for itself... but let me break it down for people into broad strokes...

Yes, I am going to be discussing porn and adult images here, because that is what these laws are being used to censor...

There have been several cases lately, prominently dealing with adult images and pornography, where the government / police is using these acts to censor and curtail what is viewable on the internet.

These acts aim not only to censor adult images on the internet, but actually enforce jail sentences for people viewing these images, even though the images depict legal acts.

Yup, let me re-enforce that statement... doing these things IS PERFECTLY LEGAL, but viewing images of them, even photos of yourself doing these acts on the internet or email IS ILLEGAL and will end with a 5 year jail sentence...

And for those who don't believe me here, here's the latest trial of this BS censorship put into effect...

Again, link deals with legal jargon and discussion of an adult nature, just to warn you

And you can actually see how bad this went, by doing a twitter search for the tag #porntrial!/search/%23PornTrial

So, let me give you a brief run-down of this trial... The defendant was arrested for having emails of an adult nature in his hotmail account... note, again, these pictures showed perfectly legal acts, they were not available for public viewing, nor were they on any public server... they were on a private email account and were sent between him and a friend... no one else saw or witnessed these pictures in the public domain.

So, the police, using this 'extreme pornography' law, covered by the Obscene Publications act, and under the cover of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act, arrested the defendant for possession of the images, and proceeded to take him to trial for them.

Now, the defendant was found innocent on all counts here, but i'm using this case as a way to explain the censorship in England... not only have i outlined 2 laws here that the government enforces to a degree where public pictures of legal acts are now illigal... but to a point where even private pictures that aren't discussed on a public forum, can be prosecuted under the obscene publications act.

If people would like, i can post 5 more trials covering these laws in the past 4 years, all of which deal with the same sort of law and legal ramifications, of images and literature being censored, and the defendant being prosecuted and facing jail time, for photographs or video private, consensual and legal acts.

Not only does censorship exist on the internet, but it exists to a frightening, and often life changing degree for those who are charged, and blanketed with the governments censorship programs.

In Russia, a 122 year old man has passed away, he credited his long life to abtaining from alcohol, tobacco and women. His last words were "I've made a huge mistake."
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