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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Contagion is an amazing Episode.

It's really cool to see the enterprise's sister ship and I always wished we could see more of Captain Donald Varley. The guy who played him seemed like a fine actor! He made me care about him and his ship with a few logs.

I also always wanted to see more about the Iconians. They seemed like badasses. I haven't yet seen the DS9 episode that references them, but I plan on it soon. (Actually I probably did see it years ago but forgot all about it)
From what little we see of the Yamato I like how it seemed like a crappier version of the Enterprise. It didn't have the wood railing and the Ready Room seemed a bit less posh.

Don't forget that in the later seasons and DS9 we always saw the other galaxies with the Voyager bench seat.
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