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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Two points that I have made seem to have stirred up an admittedly small hornets nest.

First that writing Janeway into a story is a better idea than writing in a new character.

Second that having myriads of secondary characters that have small back stories can be tiresome to some readers, and those secondary characters do not drive sales.

Seeing as this is a review thread I will try to make this post relevant.

First -- Janeway is deep, interesting character. There are still a LOT of stories that can be told about her. For Gorn's sake, they still write stories about SPOCK! And the stories are still awesome. Janeway is not my favorite character, but seeing as I can picture her in my mind, hear her speak, and there are hundreds of previous stories for an author to pull character cues from I would rather read about her than a newly created secondary character.

Second. Obviously I "speak for myself" that I buy books to keep up with the main characters introduced by the TV shows and movies. I find it very, very hard to believe that the majority of those who purchase Treklit would by a book that had not one canonical character. The most successful Treklit books are ones that feature and thoroughly integrate canonical characters. That is why they are called "tie - ins".
There have been some awesome secondary characters created by various Trek authors... but c'mon folks, we like the canon characters. We eagerly anticipate reading about their adventures. We get excited when an author "nails" the way a canon character acts and thinks and speaks.

That's why Janeway gets the cover, and Cambridge gets some pages.
I agree.

If VOY had one big problem, IMHO, the characters were never fleshed-out as much as they could've been.

Beyer has already showed a remarkable ability to "fix" what was broken about the show, and I'm hoping she'll be able to greatly expand on Janeway's character.

P.S. Sorry for double-post.
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