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Re: William Shatner wants to return as Jim Kirk in Abramís Universe...

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Not having Shatner was one the best decisions made in making XI. Kirk's dead and should stay dead.
Eh, I don't think old-spock looking at a hologram of his old friend, or visualizing shatner during the mind meld, or something like that, would have necessarily hurt or helped the movie. They already shoe-horned Nimoy in so it's not like it would have been any less credible.

However, I still think the best use of Shatner in the new movies would be to make him some kind of comic-relief bartender, in a cameo or something.

Just imagine how hilarious it would be to have a quick scene of Shatner as a bolian bartender or something. Serving drinks and inadvertently giving some valuable piece of advice to Nu-kirk. Seeing shat in alien makeup for the first time after all these years would be pretty funny... and something tells me he'd make an excellent bartender.
"Thank you.. for the drinks."
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