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Re: 7X01 Asylum Of The Daleks (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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Fun episode. I had been getting tired of Dalek stories, but this one I really enjoyed. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the Time War and why there are still so many damn Daleks roaming the universe when, in theory, they should all be time-locked. That seems to be something we've just decided to ignore.

Here's the deal. I love Amy and Rory. They are probably my favorite companions, and I think they work so well with Matt Smith's Doctor. I will be very sad to see them go. I just hope they get a fitting send-off.

Oh, and I saw the whole Oswin-is-really-a-Dalek thing coming from a mile away, but I still think they pulled it off well.
Given what we know The Time Lords were the bigger threat when The Doctor used the "moment". So it's entirely possible The Doctor's sole intent was to time lock The Time Lords so they couldn't destroy the universe. The Daleks on the other tentacle were of a lesser concern. However, why he didn't put them in the time lock is beyond me. I'm still holding out hope that The Time Lords will escape somehow.
Perhaps. I was under the impression that the Doctor [intended to] put the entire War into a time lock, with both Time Lords and Daleks alike being trapped inside. Obviously, the whole Time War is some huge incomprehensible timey-whimey thing that we mere humans probably can't comprehend anyway, so I'm not too worried about it.

But to apply a "timeline" to the whole thing:

-Doctor puts Time Lords and Daleks into a time lock
-Cult of Skaro escapes by hiding in the Void Sphere
-Dalek Caan uses his convenient "emergency temporal shift" to escape being sucked back into the Void
-Davros, who apparently didn't die when the Doctor thought he die, teamed up with Dalek Caan and made more Dalek babies
-I don't remember what happened in "Victory of the Daleks" other than some random Daleks got a new paint job
-Now there's a huge Dalek fleet, which just happens to include the Dalek Parliament, but they have all had their memories of the Doctor wiped
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