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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Eyes (Babylon 5) - Another B5 episode that shows that the future of humanity isn't pretty, in fact, government wise, it gets worse. They had a colonel who was pretty much psychotic going around interrogating people with a telepath. I hope the "loyalty brain scan" isn't wide spread. Even for Babylon 5's universe, thats pretty screwed up. I get how it would be done in investigations, and it sounds like the regulations don't allow for scans without charges (even if the colonel tried to interpret the rules that way), but the fact that such a psycho could go so far is kind of freaky (not that I should be surprised, it seems like 90% of the politicians are corrupt, and probably 75% of the military). I liked seeing Jeffrey Combs, its always cool seeing him cameo in stuff, and I liked that his character wasn't a part of the colonel's insanity, he was just doing his job and stopped the colonel when it turned out he was unstable. The motorcycle parts felt like product placement, and were kind of annoying, but not a big deal. I can't say I really liked this episode, but it wasn't a bad episode.
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