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Re: Cancelled! The Game

The new shows better not expect much overseas help in shoring them up financially. Foreign buyers are underwhelmed by this year's crop.

At first I thought, no wonder, this year's network offerings are so pallid an uninspired. But better quality apparently wouldnt help:

The past five years, however, have seen the rise of U.S. cable channels including AMC and FX and their move into edgier, darker original fare a la Mad Men, Justified and The Walking Dead. Critics might lavish praise on these shows, but they often are too niche or violent for most international broadcasters.

"These are shows for the critics, but you can't get a network to buy them," says Jan Tibursky, who acquires for the German and Swiss TV markets. "Even The Following -- which is probably the best new show of the season, the only one that is really trying something new -- is just too violent for primetime [internationally]."
The Walking Dead, ok, that's pretty harsh stuff, but Justified is only occasionally really violent and Mad Men is hardly violent at all. I didn't realize the good stuff is unpopular overseas?

OTOH the new Dallas had a great launch in the UK. Not that that's my idea of a good show but is fun and watchable and apparently middlebrow soaps play well internationally.
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