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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

Got my replacement(s) today. I sent the serial/disc numbers eMail on August 2. Like everyone else has said, my discs came in a simple cardboard mailing envelope, inside of which where the four discs each in simple paper/plastic sleeves. Along with the discs I also got a postcard on one-side featuring the Enterprise saucer section coming into frame as it does at the end of opening credits under a "thank you, sorry we suck" message. On the reverse a still of the rough animation used to create the effect of people walking in the Observation Lounge in the above credits scene.

The discs are distinguished from their release counterparts by have the Starfleet Emblem on the label by the disc number.

Overall I'm satisfied with how this was handled though some more communication would have been nice. An eMail saying, "Your SL numbers have been validated, you will receive your replacements soon." Would have been nice. I'm not bothered by the delay in getting the discs, just that little lack of communication.

Now... What to do with these discs? I mean, they're still good and watchable if only in Dolby. Guess I'll give them to a friend.
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