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Re: First Season Theme Music Change

Signed up to mailing list!


I've had the original three Crescendo CDs forever. But there are flaws there, like the score for Where No Man Has Gone Before is woefully incomplete. (Disk 2, the Amok Time / Doomsday Machine CD, is one of the greatest CDs of all time.) Got the Fred Steiner suites, but they're short. Got the re-arrangement suites of episodes like Paradise Syndrome and Is There In Truth No Beauty, but honestly the performances are not all that great. The one of Enemy Within just hints at how great the music is, it doesn't really re-create it.

And just two months away! Incredible.

Wow, this must have been a labor of love. What an opportunity, for the people on this project who got access. I traded comments on a discussion board once, with a guy who saw George Duning's notes on the score for -- I think it was Is There In Truth No Beauty -- in the UCLA or USC library, and Duning had written a note in the margin where he interpolates Steiner's black ship motif. That was cool. This must have been so much cooler.

Wow. Best goddam news I have heard in ages. WOW!
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