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Re: SF/F Characters with Disabilities

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I can't believe I forgot Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones (or that no one else has mentioned him). I wasn't sure for a while if little people were considered disabled, but there have been several little person swimmers at the Paralympics, so they are.
And of course Vader and the Alphas characters would go on my list too. I forgot about the fact that they have had so many people on Alphas who's powers' disadvantage lead to a disability.
Ok, I know I said favorites, but I think we can just open up to a discussion of the topic in general, without picking just our favorite characters.
I also just remembered pre-timeline change Kevin from Eureka.
I'm not sure Midgets (Normally proportioned people who happen to be very short) would be considered amongst the disabled, just for being Little People. But, yea, Dwarves (Very short people with disproportionate bodies) can be afflicted with body parts that do not support the needed weight of the rest of the body (IE: Legs too small to allow for walking more then a few steps).

And, yea, Thomas Covenant is a great favorite disabled hero for me.
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