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Re: What's the difference between a trekkie and a trekker?

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The other issue, of course, is that these distinctions are only meaningful to the handful of people who care about them.

Try explaining to most people that, no, you're a "Trekker," not a Trekkie, and they're just going to look at you funny . . . which, ironically, is probably the opposite of what you were going for!
I would never presume to tell any other fan that he/she is a "Trekker" if they prefer the other word. All I ask is that you/they accord me the same courtesy.
Oops. I guess I was unclear with my pronouns there. I wasn't talking about telling somebody else that they're really a Trekker.

I was poking fun at the idea of taking pains to explain that "no, I'm a 'Trekker,' not one of those embarrassing Trekkies," which is just going to baffle most people.

Sorry about the confusion.
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