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Re: USS Galactica in Star Trek

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Back in the late 70's - early 80's, we made a Battlestar SSD for Star Fleet Battles.

We tried to stay true to the concept. No shields but lots of armor, no phasers, but lots of lasers (or at least lots of low end phasers, type 3's maybe).

I really can't remember the outcome.
What exactly is the difference between a phaser and a laser anyway? A laser could be set on stun too, its called an electrolaser, a low intensity laser beam ionizes a path through the air to the target, then an electric current is run from the laser to target of sufficient intensity to stun him but not kill.
I assume you know how a laser works.
Phasers are particle weapons using imaginary particles called Nadions. Applying an electrical charge to a crystal with an odd name I can't remember right now causes it to generate "rapid nadions" creating a very flexible weapon that can do all the things phasers can do. Whereas lasers pretty much just transfer heat to things very rapidly so they are limited to cutting and blasting, phasers can also slowly heat things and disintegrate them as well.
The description of phasers is from the TNG Tech Manual.
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