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Re: What's the difference between a trekkie and a trekker?

GSnail wrote: View Post
Trekkies are fans.
Trekkers are people who are ashamed of star trek.
I'm not ashamed.
I most certainly am not ashamed of Star Trek, or the fact that I've been a fan for nearly 37 years. I call myself a Trekker because:

1. It's a more dignified word;

2. A "trekker" is somebody who is actually doing something. A trekker is going somewhere, even if only in his/her own mind, conscience, or outlook on life. A trekker can be said to be an explorer, either in the outside world, or within his/her own consciousness.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
The other issue, of course, is that these distinctions are only meaningful to the handful of people who care about them.

Try explaining to most people that, no, you're a "Trekker," not a Trekkie, and they're just going to look at you funny . . . which, ironically, is probably the opposite of what you were going for!
I would never presume to tell any other fan that he/she is a "Trekker" if they prefer the other word. All I ask is that you/they accord me the same courtesy.
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