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Sisko thought the same thing while fighting with the Odyssey, although it didn't work very well at the time
Which might well be a counterindication to using them that way ever again.
Don't be so sure. It was three runabouts and the Odyssey against four Jem'hadar bugs. What would have been easier to add to that engagement: twelve more runabouts, or three more Galaxy class starships? The thinking would be, if you can just put four runabouts on each of the battle bugs, you can at least distract them enough that the Odyssey can target and destroy them.

In the end, Starfleet resorted to a Maquis design, thinking it would be cheaper and easier to mass produce. Once the Klingons officially got involved, they were able to put the Bird of Prey in that role and the fighters were less important.

But only until otherwise proven. The argument for them actually demonstrating newness in DS9 is pretty thin.
Other than the fact that they were never needed before, and were never seen again. Fighters don't seem to be in any way tactically valid in traditional space combat, which maybe explains why the Scimitar never launched any of its Scorpion class attack flyers against the Enterprise despite having dozens of them in its shuttlebay.

Hmh? That's the very thing they seem to be doing in "Way of the Warrior" and most of the DS9 fleet battles.
Not at all. The bird of prey operates as either a solitary hunter (like the U-boats they draw analogy from) or in small groups pursuing vulnerable targets. In fleet actions they fall back to support the "big gun" larger ships and are comparatively less of a threat.

Not so for the Jem'hadar, whose ships ALWAYS travel in packs and ALWAYS press the attack with alacrity, especially in fleet actions, where they run blitzkrieg against their enemies with the cap ships providing covering fire.

The Jem'hadar are the only people who do this, mainly because they're half suicidal and they don't care how many losses they take. Klingons talk a lot of about dying gloriously in battle, but they don't breed as fast as the Jem'hadar, nor are they suicidal.

They're the first into the fray at Chin'Toka, swarming in a type-specific formation to intercept the incoming kamikaze ships
Which is, again, a recent innovation almost certainly brought on by the Jem'hadar using tactics everyone else considers lunacy.
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