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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

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^Well, yeah, I agree that the Marshak-Culbreath books were very... self-indulgent in a lot of ways. But at least they occasionally tried to put their history, psychology, and philosophy degrees to use and work some ideas into their books along with all the fannish indulgence. The Fate of the Phoenix, their second novel for Bantam, deserves credit for being the first Trek novel to challenge the ethics of the Prime Directive, although, again, it doesn't really embrace the issue, just introduces it, talks about it for a bit, and then moves on to other stuff.

And they did four novels, not three -- The Price of the Phoenix and The Fate... for Bantam, The Prometheus Design and Triangle for Pocket. Plus they edited the two Star Trek: The New Voyages anthologies for Bantam, contributing two stories to the second ("Surprise!," co-written with Nichelle Nichols, and "The Procrustean Petard"), and I've heard it alleged that they significantly rewrote the other stories in those anthologies.
oh that's right - four novels. I forgot there were 2 Phoenix books. I read those back to back and it blurred alittle for me. I have read those anthologies too. I'm not sure I believe the stories were re-written as they really do have different flavors, but The "Procrusten Petard" read very true to their ST style. And "Surprise!" actually surprised me! It was comical more than I expected. Perhaps this lighter side was cut out of the series more often than not? Uhura's character would have been fun to see if she were a bit sassier. When I read it, I felt the 1960s coming thru, if that makes sense...I did not experience the 1960s and so I am always curious to see those little details that show what that time was like.To see the future as envisioned by the past is interesting and insightful.
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