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Re: NuTAS: Would Shatner Do It?

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Agreed - if the money was right I am sure most of the TOS crew would come back. That being said - I don't think there would much interest in bringing TOS crew back. I see having an animated nuTrek crew series with the current actors voicing their parts - if the money was right being a better option. In between the major motion pictures, I would think that they could voice their roles for a whole season in a pretty short amount of time which would also be appealing.
A nuTrek series in the style of the Abramsverse would make me heave. In the least I wouldn't watch---not hard since I watch practically zero network television anymore.
I wouldn't watch it, either. I finally saw the nuTrek movie on TV, and the kindest adjective I can come up with for it is "ridiculous". The worst adjectives I can come up with can't be used on this forum.
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