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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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The "Webster" episode would be great too, but I doubt that would happen due to rights and royalties. Either way, I'd be interested in seeing a copy of the episode. I couldn't find it on dvd or online anywhere though.
A possible factor in favor of "Webtrek" is that it's also a Paramount production. I would think that would ease the process somewhat. Wishful thinking, probably.

I love the idea of including this on the blu-ray. Especially since the episode is apparently a clip-show itself, the dream sequence on the Enterprise with Worf used as the framing device. What better way to respond to longstanding complains about "Shades of Grey" than by adding ANOTHER clip show to the set! In any case, I *think* chronologically it belongs with the second season, but since I haven't even seen a screen shot for all I know Worf is still in his red uniform (dating it 1st season).

I've wanted to see this for many years, despite the complete certainty that it will be awful (I had a similar fascination with the Star Wars Holiday Special). I've been frustrated to never found a copy online. Surely some obsessive Trek fan recorded this on VHS when it was originally broadcast could convert and upload a copy! Somehow I suspect the rights holders aren't prioritizing stamping out Webster copyright violations.

Over the last year or so, Shout Factory has been releasing full season sets of the show, but this initiative may have stalled out as of the 4th season(though they are releasing a best of set, it doesn't seem to include Webtrek). This might be just as well, as I don't know if I can bring myself to buy an entire season of Webster, just for the sake of satisfying my morbid curiosity. But at least it would have put a digitalized version of the episode "out there."

There is another set out there that claims to feature the entire series, but my best guess is that it's a bootleg.

Here's some wild speculation. What if CBS can't release the episode because of the Webster rights issues, but Shout Factory also can't release it due to the Star Trek rights issues? In that case, wouldn't you think a mutually beneficial deal could be worked out where both sides agreed to let each other include it in their respective sets?
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