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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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I'm looking forward to Season 2. Last night I finished with S1 and it was worth it.

In this respect I like TNG-R much better than TOS-R (and everyone knows TOS rules for me). Indeed in general I don't like TOS-R. I like TNG-R because it enhanced what was already there. The fixes were minor tweaks rather than wholesale changes. It is what it has always been only with improved colour and clarity.
One of the things that originally made me skeptical about the whole remastering process was I felt that the mentality of a show just changes with the passage of time. What I mean is Star Trek was a 60's show yet it seemed like the attitude of most people was that it was out of date and should become a 2008 show. It seemed like the Star Trek remastering took away some of that 60s feel and the respect for a show done at that time was lost.

I didn't feel that for TNG Things still looked like the show was done in the 80s/90s, things just got cleaned up. Of course I wonder what we will be doing, say, 10 years from now when something greater than HD comes along (Like holograms or something) but I like the idea of remastering a show but still respecting the time and technology of when it was originally done.
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