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Stars Earn Stripes

So my record everything that has ever been on TV buddy tells me about this show "Stars Earn Stripes" and he says he thinks I'll like it and I'm like umm no I can't stand those washed up "stars" pretending to do whatever "reality" shows.

He's like you like military type shows and you like Top Shot so I really think you will like this, so I'm like ok Whatever, it's my day off and I've got nothing going on, what the heck.

I'm halfway through episode 4 and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.

I have to say

I also have to say I have never EVER been one of those people who gave a $#!t who was dating who in Hollywood but I think Eve Torres (God she's frikkin' hot ) and Grady Powell would make a good couple, they seem to have some real chemistry.

Well off to finish it.
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