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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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But the fact that Smallville started before Returns was actively planned is a key difference. Also, neither really trod on each other, as the general Superman origin is both well-known and stable. A new, live action budget-friendly WW, on the other hand, could very easily muck things up for her depiction in a JL movie.
Maybe the last point is valid. But I'm wary of any Smallville comparisons. Like I said, it originated in a different era, and its longevity was rather an anomalous thing. It changed a lot over its run as the climate around it changed. So it would be unwise to assume that the circumstances surrounding it would necessarily apply today or to a different series.

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How do you figure that, since they are doing a spinoff series about the Green Arrow called "Arrow" and another spinoff series called "Aquaman" with the same actors reprising the roles that started out in the Smallville series.
You're completely incorrect. Arrow has no connection to the Smallville cast or continuity. Justin Hartley played Green Arrow on Smallville; Steven Amell is playing the character in Arrow.

Also, the failed Aquaman pilot Mercy Reef from years ago did not star the same actor who played Aquaman on Smallville; in fact, it starred Hartley as Aquaman, before he then started playing Green Arrow on Smallville.
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