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Re: A Warp Fighter

I had always thought the use of fighters in DS9 was primarily an attempt to offset the Dominion's numerical advantage, in particular the fact that in a given Jem'hadar fleet maybe 400 strong, only about 100 of them would be capital ships and the rest would be battle bugs. They probably figured that filling the sky with a lot of heavily armed/high performance shuttles would be a good way of drawing some heat off the capital ships and expose the Jem'hadar's cruisers and battleships to direct action by Starfleet (Sisko thought the same thing while fighting with the Odyssey, although it didn't work very well at the time).

Fighters are a new thing in Trek, but then, few races fight battles the way the Jem'hadar do. Even the Klingons don't have that kind of numerical superiority, and they sure as hell don't use the birds of prey as as a spearhead for a larger vanguard (they appear to use the BoP more as a mobile artillery support than anything, combining their firepower with any cruisers that happen to be in the area).
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