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Re: Why isn't Internet free for everyone yet?

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Although I have tried to read this whole thread, there is no way I am wading through this text war between Deks and gturner. You guys have fun.
Hey, I cut my last reply in half. Just <snip!>

Deks only replies once or twice a day, so the whole thing has the loook of arguing via the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal.

I think you nailed it about the Internet costs (as have most people here).

Letting the government run it would also be about as innovative as the old Ma-Bell where your phone service was indistinguisible from your grand parents' day, except that touch-tone had replaced the rotary dialing which had replaced an operator. Pretty much three or four trivial upgrades a century, because why should they bill you more for better service when they can just bill you more for the same thing?

It might be interesting to see a cross-country comparison of Internet services where the phone systems are still monopolies, especially government monopolies.
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