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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Doesn't the WB want to do a JL movie in '15? Unless they left WW out of that, I don't see any other live-action use of the character being approved before then.
Having Smallville didn't keep them from doing Superman Returns. Maybe they're hoping that building up the character on TV will help sell her to movie audiences, even if the continuities are different.
Superman Returns is a different continuity than Smallville. What Hollywood writers can't resist is totally reinventing traditional characters like Superman and Wonder Woman, Originally the Superman movie was to be a reinvention, but they were forced to pick up on Superman I & II, but the writers would have liked to have done a totally reinvented Superman, but that didn't fly back then, now they are at it again. Maybe they should concentrate on writing good stories for the established characters rather than reinventing them. People who come to watch Wonder Woman want to see the Wonder Woman they are familiar with.
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