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Re: Another "Wonder Woman" show now in early development

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Doesn't the WB want to do a JL movie in '15? Unless they left WW out of that, I don't see any other live-action use of the character being approved before then.
There are two characters very similar to each other that might fit the bill, there is Wonder Woman and Supergirl, they both possess super strength, some versions of Wonder Woman can fly without the invisible airplane. Wonder Woman is a woman in her perpetual 20s, as an immortal she does not age and is thousands of years old when she meets Steve Trevor. Supergirl is a teenager, if they are going to do a high school television series about her, it would make sense to start her at 14 or perhaps 16 and have the series continue through her college years for a total six year run.

To do Wonder Woman in her high school years would require them to reinvent her past, her past defines who she is, without that ancient Greek origin, she is a different superhero, so instead of remaking her, wouldn't it make sense just to use Supergirl, a figure most would recognize, and if they do a Wonder Woman, do a mature 20-something Wonder Woman instead.
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