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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Speaking of Diana Muldaur, I was searching through Youtube and actually found a video from January 2012 where she does talk about her time on TNG. It's this kind of thing I hope is on the set.

Her TNG talk starts at the 15 minute mark and she does get a bit of info wrong regarding Gene Roddenberry's death. Also, I think the end of this segment about why she left is revealing and might be why she never came back.
Thanks for sharing that excellent find. I only watched from 15 - 30 minutes as that seemed to be the limit of her talk about TNG, but what an insightful 15 minutes!

Also great to see she's still smoking 50-a-day.
She sure looks like it, and that's not good. Looks a lot like my stepmother who died from COPD recently.
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