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Re: How do star dates work

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Like an impressionist painting -- if you look at it up close, you can see how rough the brush strokes are and how little it resembles reality, but you're not supposed to look at it up close; you're just supposed to look at the broad strokes and get a general feel for what it's trying to convey.
Except that, with respect to that kind of impressionistic painting, you're supposed to be impressed that the image is composed of what look like random blobs of color up close. In addition to regarding it from afar, you are also supposed to examine it up close, at least to the extent needed to marvel at the technique. Seeing how the illusion is done, or at least that there actually is an illusion happening, is part of the viewing experience for that kind of painting.

On the other hand, seeing how a magic trick is done generally isn't a part of the experience of viewing a magic act. For the stardate illusion to work, we aren't supposed to examine the sequences too closely over all the episodes.
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